Henaff Paté 78g (x12)

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The brand's flagship, with millions sold worldwide, genuine Hénaff Pâté is made exclusively of pork (96%), stock, salt, spices, a hint of sodium nitrite to give it its attractive pink colour and a “certain something” the secret of which is jealously guarded. Contrary to other pork meat producers, Hénaff only uses fresh meat and includes the best pork pieces, including ham meat and fillets giving it finesse and a flavour second to none. Did you know that Hénaff Pâté gets better with age? To always give you the best pâté, we store it in our storerooms for at least six weeks, before sending it to the four corners of the world.

Today, the Hénaff family still prepares this pâté following the recipe that Jean Hénaff perfected in 1915, buying live pigs and tins near Pouldreuzic.

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