Le Porc FrancaisViande Bovine Francaise

Did you know?

At a time when it is common to question what is served on one's plate, "Viandes de France" and the French meat industry aim to address the customer's concerns and interrogations about production conditions and food origin in a tangible, clear and simple manner.

What does "viande de france" guarantee to consumers?


  • 100% french made meat and meat products from the farm to the processing plant
  • Environment protection and ensuring the well-being of the animals
  • Strict sanitary standards and total traceability
  • French labour legislation respect, ensuring protection of the employees
  • Strict controls


Ensuring that the following points are met:


  • Full traceability from the farm to the retailer
  • French and European strict sanitary standards
  • Official and regular control undertaken by the French Govermental Food Authorities
  • Additional control undertaken by independent organisations


The taste of a job well done

Choosing "Viande de France" is the guarantee of quality food in your plate

What does that mean?


  • Respect of minimum wages and social protections for hundreds of thousands of french employees on the food business market from the farms to the sales teams
  • 600,000 jobs in the agricultural, trade, industry and services areas
  • Commitment in maintaining and sharing knowledge and specific know-how that has been going accross generations for centuries
  • Commitment in participating to the genetic diversity as well as the french genetic excellence
  • The desire to maintain productions that have something to show for the regions where they are from


Good practice guarantee

Buying "Viandes de France" guarantees methods of production which respect the consumer, the environment and the animal's welfare

What does that mean in practical terms?


  • Feeding animals with healthy and balanced diets meeting their specific needs
  • Daily animal health and confort care
  • Avoiding any painful or stressful situations in order to garantee animal protection and welfare
  • Ensuring that every single animal is sourced in farms that follow strict environmental rules (storage, manure handling,...)
  • Being controlled on sanitary security, animal welfare and environmental rules enforced by the governmental services


The 3 colours of trust

"Viande de france" ensures a trust agreement between the food branch actors and the final consumer, this is materialised through the blue, white and red colours and the 7 seals (beef, veal, lamb, poultry, rabbit and horse).

Only meat products that come from animals born, raised, slaughtered, cut and processed in France can show the "Viande de France" seal.

Which products are concerned by this operation? meat, cut meat, ground meat, elaborated products, delicatessen and cooked dishes